How to Create a Vision Board in 3 Simple Steps

The idea behind the vision board is simple but effective, a board which displays images of what you’d like your life to be. But surely something so straightforward can’t be the key to success?

Creating a board that displays what you want and placing it somewhere that you will see often, eventually results in a subconscious visualisation exercise, embedding the images into your mind. Using visualisation to achieve your goals is a successful scientific technique backed up by research and scientific evidence, so seeing really is believing!

However, you must first realise that a vision board and a “dream” board are two different ideas. Dreaming or hoping for a better future will not help you to achieve one without actually working for it. Visualising a realistic future will inspire you to improve yourself and motivate you to work towards those goals.

I have included photo’s of my own vision boards to give you ideas on how it can look. I have created a large ‘well-being’ board and a smaller one for travel. I have created my board based on how I’d like to feel and what sort of person i’d like to be, as opposed to just simply materialistic “things”, take this into consideration when planning and creating your board. You can essentially create as many as you like for each aspect of your life, or just the areas you want to improve. Vision boards are often split up into different sections such as; career, prosperity, love & relationships, friendship, family, self-improvement, travel, health and wealth. If you’d like to create your own vision board, follow these simple steps:


Step 1 – Base & Prep

Find a pin board, large frame or poster to become the base for your board. It doesn’t need to be anything fancy as you will be covering it with plenty of images. I found my cork boards at a car boot sale for 50p! I used some leftover white paint for the borders of the board for a more sophisticated look to match my office decor (this is something you can skip if you’d like to keep costs to a minimum). Alternatively, if you do not wish to go all out and create a whole board, you can just use photo frames or pop the images on your fridge.


Step 2 – Find Your Inspiration

This is the most crucial and probably time consuming step as it involves finding a representation of how you want your future to look. I have included some of my idols (Mariska Hargitay, Audrey Hepburn & Grace Kelly) as inspiration for the type of person I’d like to become, for me they represent inner and outer beauty and standing up for what they believe in.

Don’t rush to find images all in one day or night, take your time to compile your materials. I spent a few weeks gathering all the images until I had found my complete selection. Prepare in your mind or on paper what you would like to appear on your board, take this time to reflect on what is most important to your happiness.

Use magazines to cut/tear out images and quotes. The internet is also in abundance of inspirational sources, such as Pinterest. Pinterest is where I found most of my images and quotes, just by typing in ‘vision board’ or more specifically a theme such as ‘travel’ or ‘fashion’. If you like any of the images or quotes on my board, you can visit my Pinterest atย

You can also use your own photographs, or items of a significant time or memory to put on your board. Don’t forget, although the board is a vision of your future, you can use images of a successful or happy time in your past as inspiration.



Step 3 – Design & Embellish

This is probably the most exciting step, putting all of your images together to create your own vision masterpiece! Remember to have fun, don’t get too hung up with structuring your board, keep it relaxed, informal and ย avoid putting pressure on yourself to make it ‘perfect’. ย You will probably add or takeaway images as time goes on, so if you have spaces or gaps, don’t worry.

Tip: If you’d like your vision board to be a central piece above a fireplace or on your desk, try embellishing your board with fairy lights, or flowers to make it unique.


Finally, remember to take time as often as possible to look at your board and allow yourself to believe in your vision. Good luck and happy visualising!



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